When Choosing a Prep Center

When choosing a prep center for your Amazon Online Arbitrage or Wholesale/PL FBA business, there are several important questions you should ask to ensure that they can meet your needs and provide a high-quality service. Here are some key questions to consider: 

  1. What types of services do you offer? 
  2. What are your fees for the services you provide? 
  3. Do you offer any discounts or promotions for bulk orders? 
  4. What is your turnaround time for processing orders? 
  5. What is your process for receiving and tracking inventory? 
  6. What measures do you have in place to ensure the security and safety of my products? 
  7. Can you provide references or case studies of successful partnerships with other sellers? 
  8. Do you offer any additional services, such as product photography or labeling? 
  9. How do you handle returns and customer service inquiries? 
  10. What is your process for handling damaged or lost items during the prep and shipping process? 
  11. How do you do your billing? 

By asking these questions, you can gain a better understanding of what the prep center can offer you and whether they are a good fit for your business needs. It’s important to take the time to find a reputable and reliable partner who can help you grow your Amazon FBA business. 

About Proven Prep 

Proven Prep Center provides everything you will need to have piece of mind about your products while keeping your business hands off. We offer all types of services and cater to every client who does Amazon FBA from OA, Wholesale, to PL. 

Proven Prep has a detailed fee structure that is on the website and is VERY easy to follow so you can budget for each item accordingly with no surprises. 

Proven Prep also offers bulk discounts for clients who do wholesale or large quantities of OA and private label. Proven Prep will also take custom quotes for fulfilling an order or work 1 on 1 with you to get you the best pricing possible. 

For Wholesale and PL, we typically have a 48 hour turn around time while OA will go out weekly to twice a week depending on the volume you send us. We do this to make sure you get your items out on a timely basis so that you can turn your money as quick as possible to help your business grow. For OA sellers, you typically get a weekly ship date that will ship on the same day every week so you can keep track of your items and communication. 

Proven Prep is using a spreadsheet to monitor your items and we pay for you to have an account with Scanpower as the program makes our life so much easier when it comes to prep. Our spreadsheet is intuitive and gives you all data you need to keep track of your items and to communicate with our team. 

Currently, we are working on camera systems to be put in place to protect your items when it comes to Amazon. We also are insured for all your products in case of something happening to our warehouse such as a fire. 

Our references are on google and other websites as well as tons of communities who use our service. We are sponsored by Chris Grant, OA Cheddar, Jim Cockrum and more. We strive for excellence and give it everything we got to give you piece of mind. 

Currently we do things on request for little to no charge such as photo’s for ungating. If you think of any services you may need, feel free to reach out to us.

For returns, we take pictures of any items that you may or may not have on your spreadsheet, wrong sizes or colors, the asin was deleted, and damaged products. Basically anything you need to know about your products, we document with photos and message you in our slack so you can communicate with the source you got it from. We also double check your asins to make sure everything looks like it matches up for accuracy. 

If a customer wants to communicate with Proven prep, we have slack. You can send us return labels through that program or email us with your return labels or instructions. We will set your items aside in your bin until you have given us the information we need to take care of it. 

I’m sure that this didn’t answer all your questions but it was a great start! When choosing you prep center, we know it is important because it is your lively hood at stake and we appreciate you trusting us with it. 

We would love to get on a call with you in regards to our services and see if we are a great fit for you. Feel free to text or call us at 503-987-8977 or email us at [email protected] 

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you! 

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